Lakedge Motors - LPG - Central Coast Mechanics

Full Mechanical Repairs

Committed to providing a complete automotive experience for our customers the mechanics.

Brakes & Clutch Repairs

We take extra care when repairing or even replacing your clutches and brakes.

LP Gas Installations

Our skilled and attentive team deliver a tailored and comprehensive LPG installation service.

Petrol & LPG Tune-ups

There are a number of filters that need changing & safety valves testing.

Manufactures Logbook Servicing

Lakedge has expertise to maintain your vehicle and we only have suitably-qualified technicians working on your vehicle.

Fuel Injection Services

If you are experiencing lean misfire, poor acceleration, or rough idling, your fuel injection system may be to blame.

LPG cylinder recertification and testing

Our Gas Cylinder Test Station specialising in automotive LPG cylinder testing and repairs.